Kaylen's Show Kennel facility

Kaylen's Show Kennel- outside paddock play yards another view of the play yards additional play yards on the property Runs under cover- each large run is 4' x 30' inside kennel area Inside kennel area
Kaylen's Show Kennel.  We provide inside runs that have guillotine doors leading to outside covered runs which are 4 feet wide and 30 feet long.  This gives the dogs plenty of room to stretch their legs and play even during inclement weather.  When the weather is nice, all the dogs get to go outside into the large grass paddock play yards for some extra fun.  They are able to watch the chickens roam the property as well. 

The inside portion of the kennel has a dedicated whelping area, also with a guillotine door ‚Äčleading to the cover run area so that when puppies are old enough, they can safely experience the outdoors.  There is a grooming room on one side and the main kennel area has a hydrosurge tub for massaging baths as well as a dedicated "kitchen" area for feeding and a laundry station for washing all the dog laundry.

Because we live in Florida and thunderstorms are a regular part of our weather year round, we are also equipped with a backup generator for the kennel and the house so if we do have a power outage, we are covered.

We encourage existing clients or potential clients to schedule a time to come and see the kennel.  We take great pride in our facilities and the fact all dogs in our care are in a safe and secure environment.