September 2014

Posted at 3:01 pm on 09/03/2014
It seems as though 2014 has gone by so quickly.  August of this year we said goodbye to Ross, CH Kaylen's Reason To Believe, and while he i no longer with us physically, he is always here with us.  His son Thomas reminds me of that every day.

We took a trip to England with Kahlua and Louie.  Louie is now home with his mum Margaret Austin in the UK.  Kahlua was shown three times while there.  Leeds, Paignton and Bournemouth were wonderful settings in the English countryside that provided us with good friends and good times.  Kahlua was Best Dog every time he showed and achieved 3 CC's to completed his English title.  We are so proud of this young dog.

Upon our return, Kahlua's sister Bailey finished her championship and Kahlua remained a Top 5 Chinese Crested.  In his first 8 shows back, he has won the Breed 6 times and had 3 Group Two placements. 

The Liz puppies and Bikini puppies are doing fantastic and we have a litter of beautiful silver standards here at Kaylen's.

Many thanks to all that have done their part to help Team Kaylen's succeed.  Without my assistants, kennel personnel, and all the friends and fellow dog show people who help out, as well as my wonderful clients who entrust me with their wonderful dogs, this year would not have been as successful as it has been.  I am truly fortunate, and very grateful to everyone for all that you do and that you have done to help make Team Kaylen's just that, a TEAM.

Here's to cooler weather, safe travels for all, and good fortune!

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